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Myti Concept Shop


One of Myti’s intentions is to collect data valuable to our communities. Data sharing can be used to: 

  • Strengthen our local economies 
  • Make our communities more resilient during tough times 
  • Support democracy 
  • Decentralize the economy 
  • Share economic power with people 
  • Create opportunities in our communities. 

    The Myti Concept Shop collects and shares data on items unavailable through our partners. We experiment to see which items online shoppers want to buy. People buying items will give us data on demand for specific items, brands, sizes, etc. The data we collect will be shared. We do not sell data, we share data.  

    It is challenging and expensive for independent retail shops to know what people in their area buy online. We will look for items our partners don’t sell on Myti and present them to shoppers on Myti via the Myti Concept Shop. When we see a hot-selling item, here is what we will do: 

    1. Show the data to a local independent retailer that stocks the item and encourage them to partner with Myti. 
    2. Share the data with an existing partner shop to see if they can add the item to their product line. 
    3. Share the data with people who want to be a retailer yet don’t have the data to know what to sell. Examples of the person who wants to be in business and be part of the local business community:  
      • A stay-at-home parent who wants to run a Myti partner shop from their home 
      • People restricted to their homes 
      • People lacking the resources to set up a physical store 
      • New Americans who want to join the business community and who are constrained because they don’t speak the local language and don’t have the local connections 

    As a shopper, buying these items sends a message to your local independent retailers. If there is demand for these items, you will see them move from the Myti Concept Shop into a Myti partner shop near you.  

    We welcome your feedback and suggestions, including product ideas. Use the little green feedback widget in the bottom right of every Myti page or email Together, we can challenge the e-commerce giants working to control our local economies and strip us of our social capital.