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Tyrolia Protector Attack 13 MN BR

Tyrolia Protector Attack 13 MN BR

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Tyrolia Protector Attack 13 MN BR Ski Bindings

The Tyrolia Protector Attack 13 MN Bindings is the perfect match for flat skis. As a first in the technology in the infamous Attack line, the Protector now offers full heel release (FHR) which significantly reduces the risk of knee injury. Conventional bindings are designed to reduce the risk of injuries to the lower leg below the knee, but they are not intended for preventing injuries to the knee. Thanks to the Protectors full heel release, this binding can reduce ACL strain by more than 50%. And that is significant, considering one of the most common ski injuries happens to your knees. For forward and back twisting falls, the Protector Attack 13 releases laterally and vertically, with most other bindings only releasing vertically. Other features would include a stand height of 32-millimeters which places the binding directly flat on the ski allowing for seamless binding, to boot, to ski power transmission when engaging in and out of a turn. With all this working together as one harmonious unit, you will get a more precise edge transfer and maximum performance when you need it most. For skiers who value their knees and prefer a flat binding to get the most out of their ski's performance, flex and overall feel, the Tyrolia Protector Attack 13 MN Bindings are just what the Doctor ordered.

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