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Ocean Conservation Collection

Ocean Conservation Collection

Shiki Wrap

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Save valuable time and delight your friends and loved ones with reusable gift wrap on soft, stretchy fabric derived from recycled plastic. Shiki Wrap is simply tied around the gift - no need to hunt down the scissors or tape - and the gift is wrapped in a fraction of the time it takes to wrap with paper.

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of furoshiki, Shiki Wrap stretches so that it works even for odd-shaped gifts. Wraps can be given as a gift within a gift (instruction cards for the recipient are included), or taken back and swapped with close family and friends.

In addition to reusing as gift wrap, Shiki Wrap can also be reused as a headwrap, a scarf or transformed into a stylish tote bag. Wraps are durable, reversible and machine washable for reuse again and again, reducing paper waste and recycling more plastic for a circular economy.

Set includes:

1 28” reversible gift wrap in Kelp/Waves

1 28” reversible gift wrap in Whales/Waves

2 18” reversible gift wraps in Whales/Bubbles

1 18” reversible gift wrap in Whales/Waves

Small 18” wraps work best for smaller gifts, such as books and candles. Large 28” wraps work best with coffee table books and clothing boxes.

The Shiki Wrap Ocean Conservation Collection benefits cleaner oceans and a thriving marine ecosystem.

Made in the USA.

Includes reusable drawstring mesh bag derived from recycled plastic, perfect for produce

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