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Lacrosse Men's Burly - Green

Lacrosse Men's Burly - Green

Lenny's Shoe & Apparel

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In 1957 the Grange was introduced to the world. A non-insulated, do-it-all rubber boot that Vermont customers knew they could always trust. Six years later, an insulated version of the Grange came to be - the Burly. Today, these boots are alive and well and a proven seller in Vermont.  They’re still made from proven ZXT Rubber and foam insulation. They’re still built to perform under the harshest of Vermont's uncertain conditions. And they’re still the boots you can call on to get the job done. 

Weight 4.5 lbs per pair
Height 18"
Insulation Foam
Color OD Green
Traction Best for All-Terrain, Slip Resistant
Footbed EVA
Shank Fiberglass
Best For Whitetail Hunting, Turkey Hunting, Hunt Solids
Last Type Factory Last
Lining Waterproof
Liner Nylon Fabric
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