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FORGALGO Sweatshirt

FORGALGO Sweatshirt


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These are made by Sighthound lovers for Sighthounds.

And yes, the fabric is as luxurious as it looks. And they are ethically made—handmade—in Spain. They're to-die-for. OMG.

This is the "legless sweatshirt" made of extra soft stretch fabric to allow movement. The size chart is broken out into 3 size groups: Italian Greyhounds/Iggies, Whippets, and Galgos (aka Spanish Greyhounds). We've learned that a *few* non-Sighthound breeds can fit into these, but they really are the exception.

Care: Wash in cold water, do not iron or dry clean.

For context: Sierra (Whippet/Saluki mix) and Luna Mae (Saluki) are about 35 pounds and wear a "Whippet Large." Size chart is in Spanish and in centimeters; we've done the best we can to translate:

Iggy Small: Neck 8-9", Chest 15-17", Length 13-14"

Iggy Medium: Neck 9-10", Chest 17-18", 14-15"

Iggy Large: Neck 10-11", Chest 18-20", Length 16-17"

Whippet Small: Neck 11-12", Chest 20-21", Length 17-18"

Whippet Medium: Neck 12", Chest 22-23", 19-20"

Whippet Large: Neck 12-13", Chest 23-24", Length 20-22"

Galgo Small: Neck 13-14", Chest 25-26", Length 22-24"

Galgo Medium: Neck 14", Chest 26-28", 24-26"

Galgo Large: Neck 14-15", Chest 28-29", Length 26-28"

Galgo XL: Neck 15-16", Chest 30-31", Length 28-30"

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