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DOOG Good Dog Treat & Training Pouch

DOOG Good Dog Treat & Training Pouch


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The SMALL training pouch (measuring 4.5" by 5.5" high) conveniently clips onto your waist and holds a small amount of training treats. Closes with a drawstring.

The LARGE version basically has everything you could possibly want or need when out with your dog! A place for treats (of course!), poop  bags (and comes with 20 to get your started!), and pockets for all at the things you need—your keys, your phone, etc.—not to mention a clicker attachment on the inside pocket.

Both feature a ready-for-any-weather exterior. The SMALL version has a washable lining, so it doesn't get too gross with the after-effects of "high value" treat crumbs. The LARGE version has a removable washable inner lining in the treat section. 

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