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Lenny's Shoe & Apparel

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It's a Sunday morning after a big snowfall, and everyone else is still asleep. The sun is just beginning to stream in through the bay window, and you recognize this rare moment of peace and quiet. You decide to take full advantage by putting on your Acorn Moc slippers, grabbing a hot cup of coffee, and curling up with your book in the breakfast nook. Even though the air is still a bit chilly, your toes stay toasty warm in the cozy fleece of your slippers, and the cushiony memory foam footbed keeps your feet elevated off the cold floor like a cloud. Plus, thanks to the rubber soles of your slippers, you won't slip on the hardwood floors on your way to refresh your coffee. So Enjoy your book, your coffee, and your cozy toes before the house descends into chaos once again!

Tech Specs

  • Fleece
  • Acorn Cushioning Memory Foam
  • Polyester Blend Lining
  • Indoor/Outdoor
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