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1.5" Wide Momo & Bibby Martingale Collar

1.5" Wide Momo & Bibby Martingale Collar


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Martingale (double loop) collars are perfect for dogs who can easily back out of their collars. You often see them on Sighthounds (Greyhounds, Whippets, etc.) because buckle collars so easily slip off of their skinny little necks and wedge-heads. Other people use them as training collars; they're similar to a choke, but much more humane as there is a stopping point.

These martingales are lovingly made by a mother/daughter duo — fun aside: The mother adopted Sierra's littermate around the same time we adopted Sierra! Each collar is handcrafted, which makes each one unique (colors and pattern placement may vary). And because they often use vintage fabrics, there's no telling how long your favorite design will be around. Fortunately, I think these two designs have some staying power!

XS Fits necks 7" to 12"
S Fits necks 12" to 18"
M Fits necks 14" to 20"
L  Fits necks 18" to 24"
USA made by a woman owned small business
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